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Do I need to have After Effects installed on my render machines? What about licenses?
Yes. But render-only machines don’t need additional licenses. Render Boss use... more
What version of After Effects do I need?
Officially, Render Boss supports After Effects CC 2019 and 2018. However, it sh... more
What’s the difference between Render Boss and a render farm? (pros vs cons)
With a render farm, you send all your files to an external service, they render ... more
When will the Mac Version be available?

The Mac version is being worked on two stages:

First Stage: The Extension for After Effects is now available for Mac. This allows renders from Mac or Windows workstations to be sent to Windows machines using the existing app.

This works great for studios with mixed OS workstations, but dedicated render machines using Windows.

For instructions on how to install and use the visit https://www.kineticportal.com/renderbossmac

Second Stage: Full app available for mac. This will allow for complete cross-platform renders. Send from Mac to Windows, Mac to Mac, Windows to Mac, etc.

This version is in early stages, so there’s not exact ETA right now. We are hoping July this year, but is subject to change

Do you provide machines for rendering?
No. Render Boss is not a Render Farm service. Render Boss is a program designed ... more
What data do you collect?
TL;DR: Render Boss only gathers data for the purpose of performance and stabil... more
Where can I download the installer?
Visit: https://www.kineticportal.com/renderbossdownloads to download the latest ... more
Can I install older versions? / Where do I see what changed in the updates?
Visit https://www.kineticportal.com/renderboss-updates/ to see what changed in t... more

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