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I get the Adobe login screen when I try to render
Adobe's licensing allows you to have unlimited render machines as Render-Only no... more
Settings or License information not saved on MacOS
If you're being asked for the License information every time you open Render Bos... more
My other computers can't find the project or the files appear offline
If your second machine (or third, fourth, etc) can't start a render because it c... more
Communication Problems between machines
If your machines don't seem to be communicating with each other, or you received... more
Using Multiple Threads is not helping or making my render slower
Taking advantage of multiple cores can be a great way to speed up long renders. ... more
Manual Installation of the AE Extension
To install the Render Boss Extension manually, just download the following zip f... more
My render gets stuck at 90%
If the version of Render Boss is between and, there is a bug th... more
The Installer is not working
If the installer is not working for whatever reason, you can try one of the foll... more
Manually send Logs for Support
Need to send us your log files? Here's how: If Render Boss runs normally ... more
Contact Support
The best way to reach us is via the Contact Us button inside the Help menu. I... more

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